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Transforming GRAMCO FUNGI

GRAMCO FUNGI, a fresh mushroom wholesaler, requested an entire rebrand to reevaluate their current activities to reach out not only local businesses but also to consumers. 

10 years ago, there were only a handful of exotic mushroom growers in Australia. However due to the surge of popularity in health, today there are over 70 nationwide. We had to identify what was unique about this business to set it apart from competitors.

Unlike many of the emerging brands in the market, GRAMCO FUNGI earned their trust from their customers through trading in the Melbourne community for over 30 years. Their mushrooms were freshly picked every day at a natural farm in Healesville by mycology experts passionate about sharing how interesting mushroom species were.

We designed a logo with a symbol of a mushroom that connected our world we often find fragmented. The mushroom mycelium acts as a thread that connects life underground and above ground allowing life to continue around us. We used earthy tones and hand-drawn illustrations through all touch points as an expression of the brand's traditional values and hands-on operations.

During the pandemic, we developed grow kits to distribute to over 15 nurseries and fruit and veggie shops in Melbourne. We encouraged people to grow their own food, reconnect with nature and get curious about the hidden world beneath our feet.

When restaurants were back, we formed a partnership with Fable Foods to offer special grow kits to customers as give aways at bespoke events at Chin Chin.

Educational content about our soils, forests and ecosystem are shared on a regular basis to remind the world of our precious resources. @gramco.fungi

branding / art direction 

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