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Vibe with your tribe for Vodka Cruiser

A year on from launching the globally recognised Facebook show VCTV, the game had already changed. VCTV year two had to go further to stand out. ​

For season two, we produced six bite-sized facebook eps with supporting low-fi content seamlessly delivering the Vodka Cruiser message in each piece of content. Featuring influencers, Lisa Clark and Jake Rich as hosts, each of the episodes covered topics from romance, connectedness and individuality – alongside a line-up of topical influencers such as Art Simone, DJ Tigerlily and Jayden Rodrigues. All content was created with millennial consumption habits in mind, as well as passion points and trending themes, and we managed to capture the attention of the new generation as we humanised the brand.

creative strategy / creative direction
(animation by emanuel kabu)

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