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Dinner Hijack with Philips All-in-one 

For the launch of the new All-in-One cooker, Philips wanted to communicate
all the features and benefits of the new product. The functions were phenomenal and we believed they could be translated into something useful and memorable beyond its technical functions.

We knew mums want to provide their little ones with the best, but never have the time with day jobs and errands pushing out to dinnertime. Understanding this struggle, we demonstrated how the pressure cooking option drastically shortens cooking time, giving mums back the quality time to spend with their family. In the six part video series, Magdalena Roze folds origami as Japanese pulled pork tenderises and does a spot of yoga whilst lamb korma cooks into full flavour. The episodes inspired time-poor mums with ways to be more creative in their dinner routines with the AIO. 

creative strategy / creative direction

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