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Trips Matter

Travelling to Japan is a dream for many, but the actual experience isn't so special anymore. The country is swamped with tourists and surging visitor numbers are putting strain on popular sites. Just over 13 million tourists arrived in the first 7 months of 2023 (Japan National Tourism Organisation - JNTO) and concerns about unsustainable tourism has returned. Popular travel locations are congested, travellers are stuck in long queues and have difficulty accessing museums and sites. Being partly Japanese, I was grateful that Japan was getting a lot of cultural attention, but there was a lot more than what was commonly advertised on popular platforms.

We created Trips Matter to bring back the value of travel and tackle issues associated with over-tourism. We wanted to curate bespoke trips and offer real travel experiences to Japan to travellers who crave true inspiration, authentic knowledge and deeper connections. And we wanted to send travellers to under-appreciated location to promote sustainable travel and activate rural communities along the way.

We developed an eccentric design to show a glimpse of what the real travel experience to Japan could be like.

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Co-founder / branding / art direction / illustration / web design

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