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Mishka with a twist

Pinnacle drinks wanted to find a way to appeal Mishka Vodka to their young female audience. Mishka was an unconventional vodka brand with an 'edge' that brought fresh ideas to the table, and we felt this uniqueness can extend to the experiences it offered.

For this audience, captured and shared experiences were the new social currency. Understanding this helped build the approach of ‘Mishka with a twist,’ providing the audience with special experiences using uncommon recipes to impress their social circles. We created a stop-motion style cocktail-making video series to inspire millennials to create their own DIY bars at home. Each recipe threw in a twist on an original cocktail, leaving anyone who watched stimulated and incredibly thirsty. The videos were shared across social and
at activation workshops, hosted by creative influencers, where over
100 competition winners tried their hand at jewellery making, floristry, painting and cocktail creation.

creative strategy / art direction

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